Hot in Place Recycling
FHWA-Approved Pavement Preservation Technique
Hot -in-Place Scarify

The Scarify Process

The scarify process lets you resurface 13 miles with a budget that only covers 10 miles. Scarification is an in-place road surface rehabilitation process. It restores cracked, brittle, and irregular, worn asphalt pavement in preparation for a final thin wearing course as selected by the awarding authority.

Most roadways that possess a stable and structurally adequate base are appropriate candidates for this process—many of your proposed projects may be perfectly suitable. Please contact us, as the depth and nature of the existing materials must be evaluated prior to construction. Download our scarification spec sheet here.

Here’s the 5-step scarification process:

  1. Two machines operate in tandem to deep-heat and soften the existing aged, worn pavement surface.
  2. Application of a rejuvenating agent improves the viscosity of the aged asphalt.
  3. Multiple rows of spring loaded ‘scarifiers’ penetrate the softened asphalt to the desired depth.
  4. A full-width set of augers re-distributes the rejuvenated mix.
  5. The rejuvenated, recycled surface course aggregate is uniformly leveled with a conventional paving screed in preparation for an overlay or seal coat.

Watch this video to learn more about scarify.